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Just bought

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I recently bought a 1984 Rampage 2.2/5spd and was wondering when i pull the motor if my other trans will work?

Its an A555 its complete, what would I have to do to use it?
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Welcome to the forum. If the engine is a 2.2 or 2.5, it will bolt up without an issue.

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1984 Rampage used a rod shifter and small spline axles. All A-555's were cable shifted and had large spline axles. The trans will bolt on the engine and fit the clutch but you will need large spline axles. 1988-1990 Omni/Horizon Automatic axles will work fine and it's been recently found that Dynasty axles will also work. Ther are kits available to modify your rod shifter to work on the A-555 but most use the shifter and cables from a 1987-1989 A-520/A-555 Shadow/Daytona etc. Due to gearing the A-555 will increase highway engine RPM.


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