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Just saying G'day!

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G'day to all members,
I am an Aussie who has just bought a K-car.
I know basically nothing about them but I have had the chance to purchase a 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country 'vert.
This little bugger is still left hand drive. It has been off the road since 2007 and it has had a hard life. I hope that over a period of time that I can bring it back to some of it's former glory.
I have a couple of other Mopar products and I regularly visit Plymouth Owners' Club, Slant 6, and FABO sites.

I am going to have lots of questions and hopefully get some help and advice.
The car is just about complete although the windscreen has a hugt crack across it, and some parts are badly weathered.
I reckon I can make a go of it though. It doesn't have any rust issues or major body damage and the engine runs (although a bit rough, and the brakes aren't real good. As I said, it will need a good going through, but I'm up to the challenge.

Got no idea of how to post pics here and I know that most sites like pics, so I will make that question # 1 if someone would like to take the ball up????
Thanks for any help and/or advice that may be forthcoming.
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Welcome to Allpar, Gary. The LeBaron convertibles were a fairly popular ride in their day. You don't see many on the road anymore, but with some time and money, you can bring that one back to life. Lots of great information and people here to help.
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