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Just saying hello!

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  • Ran into a fellow Duster owner in San Antonio last weekend, and the subject of Allpar came up. I have used the site as a resource for many years but never joined the forums.
  • I'm KnuckleDuster, nice to meet you!

Do you have to use third party hosting to post pics?
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Hello, and welcome! I used to live in Austin, and occasionally attended the San Antonio Mopar shows that were formerly held at the dealership near downtown. In addition to the fine cars, they also had some affordable vendors -- I bought a Carter AFB 4131 there that needed rebuilding for $5. The last one I attended was at Ancira, out toward the northwest, which might be a better setting, since they have more space for a show.

Boerne used to host a Charger meet every year, I think in June. There was also a swap meet on the same weekend at a park along Texas 46, just outside of town. The best swap meets near you that I know of are in New Braunfels in April and near Fredericksburg in July.

As for pics, I've never been able to post them here. I think this software requires a third party for that.
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