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needing a few items for my 86 Aries wagon resto-mod project (2.5T2, 568/523 hybrid 5spd, shelby daytona cs suspension, spirit r/t brakes, etc)

optional circuit board part number 4051807 for 86-87 cluster with oil pressure gauge (police package item). i have a nos 125mph speedo and oil pressure gauge but still need the board to power the oil gauge. i have searched on several forums and even via partsvoice with no luck. i need the circuit board, but interested in any other scout car cluster parts for spares. even my 86 factory chrysler repair manual set doesn't include the details on the optional board. if it did i could just cannibalize another board for the bits needed to modify mine to work.

nos or mint tinted windshield. rockauto had them a few weeks ago, but by the time i got around to ordering one, the part number was nada. no one else has carried them.

anyone with nos weatherstripping for these cars....4 door / wagon door gaskets and tailgate seal especially. found most of these via partsvoice (using the factory part numbers), but the prices are insane for 25 year old rubber collecting dust on a shelf. really sucks that aftermarket companies only carry gaskets for the more popular collector car models.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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