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Know the limits of yourself and your Jeep so this never happens....

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In a non-emergency situation dealing with water crossings walk across first. Take your time and secure a rope harness to the person walking across, to the bumper of your Jeep, and have people ready to pull the person back. Too many people have the "it couldn't happen to me" attitude. Unless you are experienced with swift water rescue, and feel like using those skills, find another place to cross. In an emergency situation have your windows down enough to get out and seat belts off if you absolutely positively have to cross.
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And never run straight across. As in this situation, the area was flat enough and long enough, the guy should have gone at an angle facing the current, not broadside to the current. The less side force the better, an old sailing rule of staying out of the ruts and having waves hit the length of the ship.
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