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Landau roof replacement

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Hi Everyone.

I need to do something with the Landau Roof on my 1981 Chrysler Lebaron. I would like to replace it but I am having difficulties finding a replacement. So i am thinking of removing it and painting a roof stripe similar to a Road Runner had in the early 70's (think Daisy Dukes Yellow car)
The problem i am having with removal is, How do i trim the rear glass? I can't seem to find out if the Standard Diplomat had the same rear window that i can use the trim off of.
I hope someone can help Withe the Vunil for the roof or the trim for the rear window.

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A good shop and recover the top, there probably isn't one pre-made for the car.
Rear windows should be the same, vinyl top or no vinyl top on the 1981 Lebaron and Diplomat.
If you do have a shop put a new top on, be sure to ask to see some of their work before. The $%^& that did mine almost screwed up the very alignment (ie, I pointed out that the seam on one side was a lot closer to the opera window than on the other side) and he did a piss-poor job of getting it to be smooth- his glue wasn't fluid enough and it's a little too lumpy.
Thanks for the input guys. I know three upholstery shops that do fantastic work, however my Landau top is one moulded piece. This is why I am looking for a N.O.S. unit or somebody with the rear window trim for a non landau roof.

  1. Well the Landau top is gone. I can't understand why the factory did not intstall the little nipples for the trim clips. the glass and window opening are the same for a standard roof car. Arrg. Now what to do. I think I'll just try glue in black plastic/rubber trim similar to what is around the windshield/back glass on my Neon.
Was that a padded top or a non-padded top?

The little nipples were present on my Cordoba, but the trim around the rear window is what pinned the window-edge part, with normal clips.
The top was a one piece molded unit. The vinyl was glued to a fiberglass frame that was riveted to the roof. If the rear window ever got broken, the top would need to be peeled off and the rivets drilled out. The fiberglass frame/top material covered the top by 3/4" around the perimeter. I have had a glass shop do what is called a seamless install on the rear window. Instead of trying to find somewhere to get those little nipples and then find trim.

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