Reliable Allpar source oh20 wrote that Chrysler’s large cars will be refreshed for the 2019 model year, giving the current platform another lease on life until around 2021.

He wrote that the Challenger (LA), 300 (LX), and Charger (LD) will continue through 2020, and that the 2018s don’t appear to be a “huge change.” The new Challenger debuted in 2015, making 2020 its five-year mark.

1086 hellcat challenger

For 2018, oh2o wrote, “I would look for nothing more major than a mild refresh and a powertrain update to the upcoming, new, more efficient powertrains that we have been talking about.”

The LB, LY, and LF are apparently on their way but not until 2021.

He did caution, “The waters are still pretty muddy though, ... and anything can change at any time. I am learning, that perhaps even more so than in the past, flexibility in choices is key. They are keeping as many doors open as they can as much as they can.”