Insiders have reported that today will mark the final 2014 Chrysler 200’s production, along with the final Dodge Avenger (update: this has already been produced). The heavily modified Chrysler Sebring garnered critical praise from many reviewers who actually drove it, but sold largely due to heavy incentives. The new 2015 Chrysler 200 shares the same basic engines (the four cylinder has been upgraded with the “TigerShark” updates), but has a nine-speed automatic rather than the four and six speeds of the 200, and is based on a completely different body and platform.

The Dodge Avenger has generally attracted less attention than the similar 200; sales have remained steady, with some saying that buyers looking for Darts ended up attracted by the bargain pricing of the Avenger (especially with the V6 engine). The replacement for Avenger is not due for at least one or two years; it will likely be more expensive, and will carry a rear wheel drive architecture.

Unofficial sources have told Allpar that there will be no Chrysler 200 convertible on the new platform, at least in the foreseeable future, and that the Lancia Flavia version will be dropped — possibly in favor of a Fiat or Chrysler badged car.

Production of the new model is due to start around March 17, in small numbers, with full availability not likely until May 2014.