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Leaf Spring installment nightmare (87 Chrysler M-Body)

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Just by ignoring the leaf springs, it caused other problems such as my gas tank scraping pavement while I was driving now I have to replace the leaf springs and a new gas tank. Currently my car is sitting on 2 jack stands, and the axle is being held by a floor jack. The rear end is raised 2 1/2 ft from the ground, my question is when i get the new parts in, how on earth am im going to be able to get the new leaf spring in from the angle i have it setup on? my freind gave me some leaf springs that came off a 68 B body Chrysler...his springs measured up to mine, and I got them to fit, but ran onto another problem occurred because the bolt patterns was different. All that hard work for me to get that spring to fit for nothing. So my question is, is there an easier way to help that leaf spring stay in position while I bolt it down? This is already a nightmare trying to do this off the ground in my driveway. And it took me 4hrs to get that rusted spring this is a challenge..i still haven't got the other one off yet...but I think it's good to do it one at a time..what you guys think?
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Best way to do this job, which I have done several times myself (Mopar rear leaf springs are notorious for being soft with age), is from your setup, leave the leaf spring in place, unbolt the center pin using a large C clamp to hold them together until the bolt is out, remove all but the mounting pring (it has the eyelets and mounting brackets), then take the other spring apart the same way, and replace all the other leaves in place of your old ones. I usually find a longer bolt to get all the leaves lined up and then C clamp them together, pull the long bolt out and replace the special centering bolt back in place, then bolt everything together, stick the leaf clamps back in place. This way alleviates the slight differences, all the leaves have to be is the same width and the mounting remains original.
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