The former, now dubbed, has released Jeep photos of the Gladiator pickup, from a leaked press kit.

2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup

The pickup seems to be a bit longer than expected, which suggests that the Toledo plant where it’s made has been renovated to allow for longer-wheelbase vehicles. The rear wheels are relatively close to the back of the pickup.

The Jeep pickup, officially now named Gladiator (after a full-size-pickup of the 1960s) rather than Scrambler (the name of the CJ-based pickup of the 1980s) , will have a choice of just two engines, the Pentastar gasoline V6 and the VM 3-liter diesel V6 (also used in the Ram). Transmissions are the usual six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic (only the automatic is available with the diesel). Expect all the Wrangler’s off-road systems (Command-Trac, Rock-Trac, Dana 44 axles, electric front and rear lockers, limited slip differential, sway-bar disconnect, and 33-inch offroad tires).

The payload is relatively small, at 1,600 pounds, though that should be more than enough for the short bed; the towing capacity is a hefty 7,650 pounds.  The steel bed is five feet long, with tie-downs and a power source. Apparently, it even gets a folding windshield. Options include soft and hard tops.

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