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Just did both of my rear wheel cylinders this weekend. Mine were not leaking past the outer seals, but I pulled the seals back and saw fluid. I also found that the original wheel bearings had plastic cages on them, so those went in the bin as well.
I have, in the past, tried to just put new guts in a wheels cylinder without honing. Bad move it will leak again very, very soon. If you remove the two small bolts holding the wheel cylinder to the backing plate, you can pull the cylinder away enough to be able to get a flexible shaft hone in there without pulling the line off. Lot's of penetrating oil and back and forth wrench motion got mine broke free. New parts were wheel cylinders, brake shoes, drums, all four bearings and spindle grease seals, My theory is while I got it apart, do it all and not have to do it again. All this work was due to our mandatory annual PA vehicle inspection. Some people are not fans of it, I appreciate the fact that they check all this stuff every year.
Dan P.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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