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Leaking shock at 30k - will warranty replace both?

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2010 Ram 1500 with 29,600 miles. Still under 3/36 warranty. At oil change, tech noticed right front shock is leaking. Replacement shock had to be ordered. Just got the call that it's in, but I seem to recall being told shocks should be replaced in pairs.

Is this correct? If so, will the warranty cover replacing both?
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Dealer confirmed that they would not replace the other shock. Claims that Chrysler would refuse to pay for the other shock if they found the left shock wasn't defective.

Not a surprise, but when I questioned the tech about how wise it would be to drive on two shocks with 30K difference in wear, he claimed that "modern shocks don't really wear out. There should be no difference in handling."

I asked if the tires would wear differently then, and he changed the topic: "I know where you're going with this, and it's not going to happen".

What's funny is he didn't: I was prepared to have them order the other shock and install it on my dime because it seems sensible, but that answer didn't sit too well for me.
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