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lean burn conversion

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I am thinking about converting the lean burn system in my 76 Cordoba (400 4bbl). Any advise on what conversion package to use is appreciated. Also can I use the stock carburetor? If not any suggestions on a new one?

Thanks in advance.
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chykov's76doba said:
Thanks, this is great information. So, a TQ carb from a 1972-75 400 (pre lean burn) and an aftermarket kit should do the trick? (hopefully). The CFM on the carb should be 650 or so?
valiant67 said:
Yes, that would work. You can make the carb on there work, but that's a lot more hassle than replacing it in my opinion. The earlier 400 Thermoquad is probably tuned for a little more stout engine than yours but I'd bet it will fine.
Too; pretty much any non Lean Burn TQ will work on a stock 400, even the 1980's 360 V8 applications. :)
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