The organizers from the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series are looking to promote drag racing within the Mopar community and they are doing so with the new Rookie Class. This free class gets modern Mopar racers to the track around many of the quickest Hemi-powered machines in the world, where experienced racers will introduce the sport to those who haven’t had a chance to go racing in past.

Modern Street Hemi Shootout Logo

The Modern Street Hemi Shootout is, without question, the premier modern Mopar racing series in the world. All of the quickest and most powerful late model Hemi-powered machines participate in the MSHS, with the most track capable Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Ram models from around the US and Canada going head-to-head for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Not only is the MSHS an impressive racing series, the events are also a ton of fun. The series regulars and organizers are always willing to welcome newcomers, but at the end of the day, it can be intimidating for an inexperienced racer to come out to an MSHS to square off against some of the most successful modern Mopar racers.

That is where the Rookie Class comes in, as those modern Mopar racers who have never participated in an MSHS event can come out and race for free with instruction from experienced drivers.

Rookie Class Rules

The Rookie Class of the 2018 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series rules are simple. The class is limited to 8 entries per event and drivers looking to enter the class are permitted to have attended a previous MSHS event, but they cannot be previous round winners. Basically, the only way that you can run the 2019 Rookie Class if you have participated in previous events is if you have never won a single round.

As you should expect, prospective Rookie Class competitors have to drive a modern Hemi-powered vehicle, regardless of the brand, make or model.

The first 8 racers who sign up and who meet that simple criteria will receive free admission to the event in question. This includes free entry for a car and driver, with time trial runs and qualifying runs like the other classes, but unlike the other classes, the Rookie Class is a trophy class (no cash prizes).

Regardless of the outcome, the 8 competitors in the Rookie Class are no longer eligible for the newcomer class in future events, so at every event where the Rookie Class is offered – we are guaranteed to see 8 new competitors.

The actual competition is a bracket class with a .500 tree, so the 8 Rookie Class racers will have to establish a dial-in and run on that number to win.

So far, the Rookie Class for the 2018 Modern Street Hemi Shootout series has been officially locked in for the Rockingham event on May 5 th and the Milan, Michigan event in August. Series boss Dan VanHorn plans to add the Rookie Class to more series as he finds sponsors. The Rookie Class at the upcoming Rockingham is sponsored by while the class sponsor for the Milan event is Authentic Performance.

Even if you aren’t interested in going racing, any modern Mopar performance fan who has a chance to attend a Modern Street Hemi Shootout should do so, as there is no race series like it and it is amazing seeing all of those high performance Hemi machines in action in one place.