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Left turn signal sometimes only coming on after a 2 seconds delay

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We have a 2009 Journey SE. This problem is intermittent. Sometimes when using the left turn signal it takes between 1 and 3 seconds before the left green arrow finally comes on and starts flashing. On an even rarer occasion it won't come on until I move the steering wheel a little. This problem only occurs when using the left turn signal. Although, once in a while when using the right turn signal, the left arrow will come on once before then the right one starts flashing. I assume it is something in the steering column... Any ideas? Thanks!
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The upper and lower steering column shrouds should separate and remove for a visual inspection and service. You will find recessed torx screws in the lower cover.
Look for any harness rub-throughs or loose connections.
The problem may even be inside the switch. The switch does come apart for cleaning and inspection. Give yourself a clean workbench to dismantle the switch, lift the cover off gently and watch for springs and plastic pieces and note their positions before removing them. Copper contacts may be tarnished or have thickened grease preventing a good contact. Cleaning off the old grease and adding a layer of fresh, light grease may help. The contact wiper fingers may be gently sprung to ensure a secure contact with the contact pads.
A new switch isn't that expensive either, if needed.

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Thanks! I will give that a try!
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