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How I use my Lib?

1. commuting to work, family and friends.
a. through snow sometimes
b. flooded roads
c. The Cross Bronx

2. offroad driving on the beach mildly in the woods
a. fishing
b. paddleboarding, kyacking and/or boating
c. hiking/camping

3. Compact size
a. fits nicely in my small garage
b. For its size it can tow up to 5000lbs
c. Solid roof for addtional storage ie (kyacks, rods, skis, cargo)

Why Jeep Lib?

1. affordibility cost$$
2. mechanic's recommendation
3. Looked beautiful in the showroom
4. Rides like a truck and can carry a lot of weight with out feeling it. Not impressed with the tires, which is better for me makes me not drive as fast as I use too.

*Just didn't anticpate on having the stupid little issues I've been having with it. I am glad I purchased an addtional gold warranty.

(2010) Liberty Sport with Popular package
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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