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Lighting problem-'93 Dakota

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Hello all-
I have a '93 Dakota 4X4 that has an intermittent lighting problem. Sometimes I'll shut off the truck after driving with the headlamps on, shut off the truck, come back out later, go to start the truck and ill lose everything EXCEPT the headlamps (no dashlights, taillights, tag lights, front parking lamps). It isn't the headlamp switch, just installed one from Mopar, to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? It's working currently, and can't seem to get it to act up again. I believe there is a green hot wire going to the ignition switch...could possibly that be the problem?
Thanks in advance, Thomas
1993 Dodge Dakota LE Club Cab 4WD V8
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My 1993 had an electrical issue where I'd lose a lot of functions. The end result in my case was corrosion where the wires go into the junction block under the hood. I had to clean up the corrosion and replace one of the wires. In my case, the rubber boot over the block wasn't keeping water out but holding water in causing the corrosion.
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