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Lights came up but will not go back down on 88 daytona

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Does this mean the motor that controls them is going bad? How much to fix that if this is what it is? It goes back to garage on Friday to have horn fixed and lights fixed.
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The headlight doors were stuck in the up position on my 92 lebaron when i got it. You could hear the motor operate but no movement. There are three [plastic) bushings in the headlight motor. Mine had all turned to powder basically. i forget what site I found them on but a google search for headlight motor bushings should bring it up. I'd check that out. Take out the motor and open the case...three screws on mine. The kit i got had enough for two motors and was about $5. Likely you'll find non existant bushings. It's a pretty easy fix. The bushings are a little hard to push in but will go. Clean out the case really good and fill case with white lithium grease. Mine work perfect now after this fix. I do still have the extra set that came with my kit. I'd be glad to send it to you if you just have the one motor set up.I don't know if there are two motors on the daytonas or just one. Mine has one and both operated by a rod that goes through the motor. Hope this helps.
The intermittent working makes me think it might be the bushings. They just keep getting worse and working less...
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