This past weekend, the crew from Livernois Motorsports headed to the drag strip with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk modified with their S900 package and a few other upgrades. That 877-horsepower SUV became the first of its kind to break into the 9-second range. In other words, this is the quickest Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee in the world, but the most impressive aspect of this record is how little work has been done to the vehicle.

The 9-Second Trackhawk

We spoke with a representative from Livernois Motorsports this morning and got the full details on the world’s quickest Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

When this Jeep arrived at their shop, the owner (who wishes to be known only as Leroy) already had a nitrous setup and a stand-alone fuel system, but he had Livernois add their S900 package. At the same time, he went a little bigger, including the E85 Flex Fuel tune from the shop’s S1025 package, so it is a lightly modified version of the Livernois S900 package with the optional E85 tune and a 50-shot of nitrous oxide.

As we see in the video below, this Trackhawk laid down 877.93 horsepower and 886.87 lb-ft of torque at all four wheels. Those numbers represent gains of around 200 horsepower and around 250 lb-ft of torque, allowing the 5,500-pound Jeep to lay down some stunning, record-setting track times.

To be exact, in the video below the white Jeep Trackhawk ran a 9.962 at 137.99 miles per hour. That run was made at full weight with the factory run-flat tires at all four corners. Even with the stock street tires, the Hellcat-powered Jeep pulled a 1.625 60-foot time and got to the 8 th -mile mark in 6.428 seconds at 111.89 miles per hour.

The Build

So, you are likely wondering what all went into building the first 9-second Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. We mentioned the nitrous setup above, along with the E85 Flex Fuel tune, but we wanted to provide some details on the Livernois S900 package. This package includes the Livernois Motorsports EvenFlo Thermostat, an Innovators West Overdrive Balancer with a Crank Pin Kit, a set of Injector Dynamics ID1300X2 Fuel Injectors, the Optional Livernois Motorsports TCM Tuning.

Basically, this kit is a thermostat, a little extra boost from the lower pulley, injectors and a good engine and transmission tune, and in good air, this 5,500lb Jeep ran a 9-second quarter mile.

So, if you have a Trackhawk and you want to run 9s, right now, Livernois Motorsports is the place to go for your build.

It should be noted that the Detroit-based shop offers a handful of packages for the supercharged Jeep including the S900 shown here, a tune-only S750, the S975, S1025 and bigger, custom packages. With any luck, we could see one of their S1025 packages in action soon, at which point we could see a Jeep running into the deeper 9s and eventually, we will see an 8-second pass by the Trackhawk. Of course, when someone reaches that plateau, you’ll find the information here on

In the meantime, crank up your speakers and watch the world’s quickest Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk work its magic.