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locker questions

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I'm just wondering I have an 8.8 rear end I'm going to swap into my grand Cherokee my question is if I choose to put a locker into it does it.matter what my front gear ratio is and after I lock it can I change to any front gear ratio want? And what would be the best locker to buy without spending an arm and a leg.
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Just some basics without more information from you, however.
In a 4x4, both front and rear diffs must be the same ratio.

Depending upon the gear ratio, some carriers are limited to ratios above or below the "break" In other words as the ratio changes, the ring gear gets larger or smaller and a carrier change is needed to fit that ring gear into the housing.

There are numerous web charts for the Dana 30 front axle you have, I'm not sure about the 8.8. Also it depends upon whether you have a high pinion (reverse rotation) front diff, or a low pinion (standard rotation).

Since the 8.8 and Dana use a different locker carrier, you need to verify that you can get matching ratios, BEFORE you start.

Not impossible, just do your homework first. Good Luck!
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