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Looking at buying an '04 Limited - issues?

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As the title says, my wife and I are considering buying an '04 PT Cruiser Limted...leather, heated seats, moonroof, etc...65k miles and in very nice shape.
Are there any inherent "quirks" with the PT or the '04 model year that I should know about?
For example, I know Neons very well. I know all of the bad traits w/ the 1st gen cars (leaking trunks, rattling side windows, head gasket issues, etc) and some of the issues w/ the 2nd gen cars (again, leaking trunks, knocking 2.0l engines, etc).
Does the PT Cruiser have it's inherent issues that I should be aware of?

btw: if this PT falls through, we'll be looking at others.
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Also like the 2nd gen Neons, the front control arm rearmost bushings collapsed and clattered on the crossmember over bumps. While this was in no way a dangerous condition, it was annoying. Drive it for noises and smooth operation.
Like any used car, make sure that everything works before closing the deal.
Front wheel bearings can be an issue and it is probably due for timing belt change soon. My front wheel bearings went to 105K, others have seen less.
Thanks for the heads-up, guys.

We drove the '04 today and I really wanted to like it. Really. It's LOADED and only has 64k miles on it and is very tight, but I couldn't get away from the fact that the presence of the moonroof removes enough headroom for me to be uncomfortable. Even w/ the power seat lowered all the way down.
Plus, we found some rust starting in the driver's side rear quarter. Not horrible yet (like my Neon is) but one more mark in the negative column.
Might go looking at non-sunroof PTs or go back to looking for a Stratus/Avenger/Cirrus/Sebring...
Before I bought my 2001 the used the car dealer had to replace the rack and pinion which made noises.

Since then I've noticed really excessive wear on just one side of the front brakes which you might want to check immediately after the sale.

Here's the parts replacement since then:

Replaced drs side MacPherson strut-complete w spring.
Replaced connector at radiator fan.
Replaced R Frt rotor during 1st caliper pad replacement @ 150K
Replaced starter and solenoid.
Replaced radiator.
Replaced battery lead wires, both.
Replaced alternator.
Replaced frt caliper pads .
Replace LCA ball joints and bushings
Replace front rt motor mount.
Replace o2 sensor at exhaust manifold.(4x)

Good luck with your purchase.

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