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Looking For '85 Or '86 Chrysler Laser XE Or XT

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Just putting this out to see if anyone reasonably close to me has for sale any 1985 or 1986 Chrysler Laser XE's or XT's. I can find Dodge Daytona's easier than anything but really want to find another Laser since that was my first new car back in the day. Have to have a sunroof or T-top version since I'm too tall to fit in a hard top well. I have an '89 Daytona Shelby T-top that would possibly be offered as a trade. Not looking for basket case restoration projects any more. It must run and drive at least. Can need a few things but no rust buckets. Let me know what anyone may have. I prefer an auto tranny but will do a 5 speed.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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