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Looking for '86 Mustang headlight wiring diagram

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Hello everyone,

My wife has an '86 Mustang LX. She's having headlight problems- only high beams work. I've tried replacing the dimmer/multi function switch, headlight relay, and new low beam headlights without any success.

I'm trying to find a wiring diagram so I can troubleshoot the system or suggestions on what to try to get the headlights working.

Thanks for reading!
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Make sure that both low beam filaments aren't burnt out if you have voltage at the low beam headlamp socket terminals.

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I have tried new low beam sealed beams. Didn't make any difference.

I have used my test light and there is no power to the low beam (black/green) wire at the low beam socket. There is power to the high beam wire in the low beam socket.

Have replaced the dimmer/multi function switch twice, replaced the headlight switch (the one to turn the headlights on), and also the headlight relay.

Now, that I have the wiring diagram I can hopefully trace the wire and see where it looses power.

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