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Looking for crystal pentastars (Imperial/Fifth Avenue)

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Hi, I'm looking for pretty much as many as I can find of the smaller crystal pentastars that you would find in the mid 1980s to early 1990s Chrysler Imperials and Fifth Avenues.

Reason being is I have a New Yorker Salon (I'm not a fan of the landau tops at all) and would like at least one more for my steering wheel.

Right now I've got a set of 4 I was able to find that I plan on using as centercaps, but would always like to have more of these.
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I know of a hood ornament for a '93 LeBaron Sedan in a junkyard nearby. If you want it, i can get it to you for the price of the part and the shipping.
I appreciate it, but the hood ornaments aren't really the ones I'm after.

The ones I'm after are in the center of the steering wheels, and on fifth avenues on the seat controls on the door panels.

Thanks though.
I used to collect these back in the times as well, I'd have to go through some boxes in my free time, I might have one, I used to own 8 different AC/AY body cars, I don't have even one as of now, wouldn't mind another Imperial if I could find one, anyhow I don't make any guarantees but if I happen to find my box with all these things, I will try to contact you as I am sure they will at some point and time become garbage anyway.

The Landau tops aren't bad but you have to take car of them using vinyl cleaner and protectants to keep them from being dried out in the sun and cracked in the winter, I used to use protectants and wipe it with mink oil in the summer kept it real glossy nice and soft. I used to like the look it was like having a vintage car with modern electronics, best of both worlds, rode like a dream too.
That would be really awesome.

And the thing about the landau tops, besides the minor maintenance, I just don't really like the look.

I will always pick a solid top over a convertible top, or in this case, a landau top. Just my preference.
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