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Allpar wants to start a weekly summarization of that's happening in the forums. If you're a frequent forum participant and want to volunteer for this please PM me.

The only thing we need is what you think is the most interesting or 'different' posts of the week. It really should be car related but if it's not and it's compelling it's fair game. A few like two or three (or more but no more than say five) interesting posts is what we want to feature. Then summarize them and provide a link to the topic as well as mentioning the OP. Also if the post was about a problem and it was resolved a brief description of the problem and resolution with a link to the discussion. Since there will hopefully be several of these summaries featured each week or so the more brief the summary yet capturing it's essence is what we want here.

These summaries will have a page on the main Allpar site with links to the forums so if someone happens to be browsing the main pages and comes across something they find interesting perhaps they will join us on the forums.

If you have any questions or better yet, if you'd like to participate please PM me.
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