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Looking for my grandmother's 75/76 Valiant or similar

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My grandparents bought a Valiant brand new. I seem to remember it being a 76, but my grandfather tells me it was a 75. No idea what it really was, we can't find any papers from it any more.

Anyway, he sold it back in 1995 and regrets it, wants it back. Well, he wants it back but doesn't want it back, so I want it back. Confusing, but makes sense to us. My grandmother passed away from cancer back in 1993 and I have a lot of good memories in that car. My grandfather and I are really close so it would be cool to find the car and rebuild it.

It was in really nice shape when he sold it, always garage kept, etc. The front fenders had been replaced from an accident, and the front Valiant emblems were painted over by my grandfather.

It is a Brougham edition with the Landau top. It is all burgundy. Interior/exterior/top, even the wheel covers are burgundy.

We sold it to a guy up in Bethlehem, PA (where I'm from) but hadn't heard about it in 15 years or so. Who knows where it is at now.

I want it back. Bad.

If I can't find it I might be interested in another straight burgundy 75 or 76 4-door, might not be the same car but would still be nice to have for the memories. I'm working on opening up a hot rod/custom car shop. Would be a fun oddball car to have for the business!
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If you still have the VIN you "might" be able to figure out a way to track it.

I have a 1975 Dodge Dart, 4 door, 318 automatic PSPB, 20,000 original miles. The color is dark coffee, interior and roof are cream. In excellent condition. Running, Ready to drive. Disc brakes. Asking $6,000.00 and well worth it. All fluids changed, new battery, new radial tires, and new spark plugs and new filters. Everything in working condition. Original hub cabs and spare. Will send picture when requested. If any questions, please call 224-399-1302. Beach Park, IL. Thanks for your time.
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Dang. That sounds terrific. … if it helps, a 1974 will be almost the same car after you change the grille...
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