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Looking to sell my 90 Fifth Avenue

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If anyone is interested in towing away my 5th Avenue for parts email me and for a few bills it's yours. I rather see it go to someone who needs the parts or wants to fix it than send it to a bone yard. I've owned the car since 2001, I'm the second owner.


Engine and trans runs great with no issues, the car would be driveable if the cons are fixed.
Interior is immaculate with the exception of no headliner. Pillow-top seats are not ripped or stained.
Air-ride was removed. New rear axle beam with a standard supsension installed.


Rear brake leak, needs a new rubber brake hose
Lapsed inspection and plate (Last inspection 2011)
Odo doesn't work
Right turn signal doesn't work
Vent blower doesn't work (Defroster and floor works)
A/C doesn't work
Dead battery
Tires are dry-rotted
Underbody rust
Rag top is in horrible condition
Roof paint is horribly oxidized.

If the brake leak and right turn signal are fixed along with a new battery the car is operable. I don't want to put in money into it and I rather see someone use it for parts for their EEK. The car hasn't been driven for over a year but I do start it once every two weeks to keep the engine and trans running (ie keep seals lubricated and from drying up). For a few bills ($500?) it's yours."]dlclarkii[at]

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Saw your 5th avenue for sale. I know this is awhile back, but I need a rear axle for my 91 salon. Do you know where the rear axle beam came from? I'm looking for anything I can find to get my nice car back on the road. Thanks.

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If this one doesn't pull through for you, ocassionally Dynasty and New yorker show up on Craigslist for cheap, I never looked into it, but I would check out under Daytona and Spirit models too, the suspension setup may be similar.
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