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loss of all dash dials and interier lights

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i have a '54 pt cruiser. it is intermittantly loosing all lights . gages and dials on dashboard including speedo and rev counter. car starts and runs fine . wipers, headlights, indicators etc all fine. has anyone got an idea on how to solve this please ?
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Welcome to the forum. Since it is intermittent, it sounds like you have a plug to the dasboard itself that is loose, given the turn signal stock functions remain, it is more than likely quite a ways up there. . Fun thing is getting up there to check it, might be easiest to remove the bottom cover of the dash under the steering column, might give you a little room to get up there. It doesn't sound like a fuse or relay, which would not reset itself to make it intermittent. Definitely not a common occurance..
Check connections at battery. There is a separate lead that supplies power to the I/P.
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