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loss of power during acceleration (happens intermittently, not all the time)

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I have a 2005 PT Cruiser Turbo Convertible with an engine code “E”

the car recently started intermittently losing power on acceleration (does not do it all the time) and throwing various engine codes, was initially told it could be the MAP sensor, replaced it and the problem didn’t go away… then I was told that it could be the turbo, which was definitely bad, due to shaft play and the seal leaking oil into the intake side of the turbo

so, I replaced the turbo, and also did a timing belt, water pump, idler, and tensioner replacement, as preventative maintenance because the timing belt was due to be done going by the mileage… also put in some new spark plugs during the timing belt replacement

the intermittent acceleration issue is still there, and the following codes are currently tripped

P0031 (Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) Bank 1 Sensor 1), P0037 (Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 2), P0582 (Speed Control Vacuum Solenoid), P0586 (Speed Control Vent Solenoid Condition), P0627 (Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit), P1697 (PCM Fault, SRI Mileage Not Stored Conditions), and P2074 (Manifold Pressure/Throttle Position Correlation- High Flow/Vacuum Leak)

I’m wondering if the computer is bad, or possibly an electrical issue?

any input would be very appreciated, at this point I’m at a loss as to what exactly to do next
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Welcome to Allpar. You will need to do some diagnostics to get an answer. You have to rule out any sensor or wiring issues before condemning the PCM.
If nothing was done to the instrument cluster or PCM already, the P1697 is likely inside the PCM itself. Review the tests in the link provided.
Follow the diagnostics and 'Possible Causes' here for each fault code: Manuals/2004_PL_Neon/18623-pl-powertrain_sgmldiag.pdf
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