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pug-man said:
Makes sense. The first place I'd go is to the local Dodge retailer. I'd probably drive to Gauthier Chrysler.

That'd be a fun trip.
Does Gauthier Chrysler sell Airplanes??? lol.

With 17mil in hand, it's going to be hard to go to a Dodge Dealership and not smack anyone who asks to run your credit before asking what you're interested in.

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Jeff2KPatriotBlue said:
The Gauthier family would be high on my list of people to spread money to as well!

Yes, they are hard up to be sure. At Christmas we used to drive by their place, to check out the 'light show' they would do......impressive.

No, I haven't seen airplanes........but I haven't done a thorough search of their used inventory. :)
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