On the weekend of September 7 th , the Modern Street Hemi Shootout series raced into Virginia Motorsports Park for the 7 th event of the 2019 season, with this particular event being sponsored by the go-fast experts at Demon Performance. With the addition of a test-n-tune day, the MSHS drivers ended up racing for three days and that racing was fantastic, with great weather and fantastic track conditions. In the end, the Dodge Magnum was very well represented, with the muscular sport wagon taking three titles at VMP.

For those who weren’t able to make it to Dinwiddie, Virginia last month, here is a look at the results from the Demon Performance MSHS @ VMP event.

The classes at the Demon Performance MSHS @ VMP included:
* Demon Performance Super Pro Class – Heads Up, Run 8s to Be Competitive
* ThiTek Pro Class –  9.50 index
* True Street Performance Modified Class – 10.50 index
* Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class – 11.50 index
* Gearhead Fabrications Street Class – 12.50 index
* East Coast MoParts Pentastar Bracket Class – Bracket Dial-In
* High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout – 10.00 index
* Carlisle Racing Demon – Heads Up
* Southern Hot Rod Rookie Class – Bracket Dial-In
* Z Automotive King of the Hill – Bracket Dial-In

In the East Coast MoParts Pentastar Bracket Class, Bill McFadden and his 2007 Dodge Magnum (above) took on Mike Waiwood and his 2015 Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, Waiwood, who won the Bracket Class at HEMI’nsanity in August, redlit and handed the win to McFadden, who still ran an 11.62 on an 11.60 dial.


In the Gearhead Fabrications Street Class, Stephen Benedke and his 2015 Dodge Charger Scat Pack won again for the third straight event. He squared off with Pete Seguin and his 2017 Charger in the 12.50 index class, and although Seguin ran a 12.509, Benedke got the win with the better reaction time (.076 to .176) and a 12.599 ET.


The Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class saw Bill McFadden and his Magnum take on Guy Dalton and his Chrysler 300C SRT8, with Dalton coming off of a big win in Detroit after claiming the runner-up spot at Cecil and MIR. Against McFadden in the 11.50 index class, Dalton grabbed the starting line advantage (.051 to .082) and when broke drivers broke out, Dalton’s 300C got the win with an 11.456 to an 11.451 by the Magnum.  Since Dalton ran under the class index time by a smaller amount, he got the win.


In theTrue Street Performance ModifiedClass, Andy Wagner piloted his 2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat against Justin Rems in a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee powered by a 426-cubic inch Hemi on the 10.50 index. Wagner basically won the race at the line with a .044 reaction time while Rems pulled a .187 at the line, but for good measures, Wagner also ran the better ET, winning with a 10.516 to Rems’ 10.528.

The ThiTek ProClass, Marcus Hughes and his 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee went head-to-head with Jon Sipple and his 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on the 9.50 index. This is another race that was over as soon as it began, with Sipple pulling an unsavory .351 reaction time while Hughes got out with a .107. Sipple was pulling hard on the big end, but he couldn’t overcome the huge head start, with the Jeep winning on a 9.634 at 147 while Sipple’s Hellcat ran a 9.676 at 151.


In the Demon Performance Super ProClass was another fantastic matchup between two of the quickest Dodge Magnums in the world, with one being Nate Jenkins’ car driven by Gary Rhudy while the other was the familiar black-and-blue super-wagon driven by Greg Davies. Unfortunately, Davies ran into issues and turned in a 10-second run while Rhudy’s 8.904 was the quickest ET by anyone in competition at this event, earning him the Super Pro win.


TheHigh Horse Performance Hellcat Shootoutsaw Michael England and his 2016 Charger win for the third straight time. In Virginia, Jack Reynolds was his opponent in a clash of low-10-second machines, but when England pulled the better reaction time and the quicker ET, he got another class win. England ran a 10.146 with a .307 reaction time while Reynolds ran a 10.369 with a .478 reaction time.


The Carlisle Racing Demonclass Catherine Kosiba took on Todd Bruckman. Kosiba took the early lead with a .279 reaction time to Bruckman’s .539 and on the big end, Kosiba ran a 9.983 to get the win while Bruckman ran a losing 10.335. Kosiba also won the Demon class at MIR, Rockingham and Cecil, so VMP marked her fourth win in five events (not counting the rained-out event in Georgia or the event that was ruined by nonsensical rules in California), with her only non-win being a third at the Detroit event.


In the Southern Hot RodRookieClass finals, Tim Mikoliczyk and his 2017 Hellcat took on Earic Bonner and his 2016 Hellcat. Mikoliczyk held the starting line advantage (.215 to .483), but it didn’t matter on the top end, as his 10.058 comfortably beat the 11.776 turned in by Bonner.

Finally, after winning the East Coast MoParts Pentastar Bracket Class and finishing second in the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class, Bill McFadden won the Z Automotive King of the Hillbracket shootout. McFadden beat Gearhead Fabrications Street Class winner Stephen Benedke in the final round to secure the big win, giving him two wins at the event.

In addition to the class awards, there were some other awards intertwined into the normal course of racing, including the titles below:
Whipple Superchargers Best Reaction Time - Andy Wagner – .044
Whipple Superchargers Best ET Award - Gary Rhudy – 8.904
Whipple Superchargers Best 60 Foot Award - Greg Davies – 1.26
Stell Sav Twin Win Award – N/A
Moe’s Performance RAM Best ET Award – N/A
Livernois Performance Best Trackhawk ET – Chris Dufresne

In closing, the Modern Street Hemi Shootout would not be exist without the support of the sponsors, so on the behalf of the organizers, the racers, everyone else involved with the series and the entire modern Mopar community, we want to thank the series supporters listed below.

Series Title Sponsors - Driveshaft Shop & Hemituner Performance
King of the Hill - Z Automotive Technologies

**MSHS Event Sponsors**Legmaker Intakes, LLC
Z Automotive
Stanley's Performance
High Horse Performance, Inc.
Demon Performance
Hemituner Performance

**Class Sponsors**Super Pro Class - Demon Performance
Pro Class - ThiTek
Modified Class - True Street Performance / Jim
Super Stock Class - Legmaker Intakes
Street Class - Gearhead Fabrications
Bracket Class - East Coast MoParts
Hellcat Shootout - High Horse Performance
Demon Class - Carlyle Racing

**Elite Performance Prize Sponsors**Reaction Time - Whipple Superchargers
Best ET - Whipple Superchargers
60 Foot Award - Whipple Superchargers
Hard Luck Award - Cabinet Factory of Delaware
Best ET HEMI RAM - Moe's Performance
Twin Win - Stell Sav
Party Sponsors - VanDrake Racing
Winners Circle - Demon116 Fuels
King of Kings - Barth Tuning

**Class Championship Sponsors**American Racing Solutions
Mill Finish Industries
Captain Terror Racing/George Mueller
American Racing Headers

**Associate Sponsors**Litens High Performance
Syked Ecu Tuning
AAD Performance
Hall | MileOne Autogroup
Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island
Per4Mance Development
DTP Racing LLC
Jokerz performance
Friends of the Series
Hamburger's Superchargers, Inc.
Quick Time Performance
Livernois Motorsports & Engineering
Protected Second Custom Guns
Stage 6 Motorsports
Original Concept Design
Nitrous Outlet
Gen3 Performance Products
American Muscle Performance, LLC
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Double R Diesel Inc
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