Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne saw his 2016 compensation drop by nearly 84%, to under under $12 million. According to the Detroit Free Press , that's about one-sixth of the  $73 million he pocketed in 2015.

The big drop was due to the fact that none of the FCA shares he received as incentives vested in 2016; Marchionne’s salary is $4 million. For 2016, he also gained a bonus of almost $7 million and more than a million dollars for insurance, tax preparation and equalization. [Note: all figures are converted from euros.]

He has another $6.8 million coming from a bonus later this year, as well as compensation for being the CEO of CNH Holdings and chairman of the board at Ferrari.  Bloomberg estimated last year that Marchionne's holdings were worth about $232 million.