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hmk123 said:
Focus on building great, affordable products, market them like you did the 200 and keep the company growing... Enough of this New Coke talk. Keep it Classic...
There are many people (insiders) that have argued for a long time that the "New Coke vs. Classic Coke" debacle was planned from the beginning.

At no time in the history of marketing has there ever been a product that got that much free advertising for that long. ...AAAAAAND then, Coke Classic hits the shelves, and the free hype continued. Anyone that thinks Coke Classic was planned AFTER new Coke was intro'd, needs serious help. It wasn't a debacle, it was genius, and now THIRTY years later it still gets mileage (oddly, I now want a Coke).

Overall I agree with you, though. Design it right, build it better, and have good marketing, and it will sell. Nothing is so wrong with a company, that good product, can't fix it, or make a good company better.

I agree with Dave, though, specifically about the stupid article, though. Just a blogger filling a word count, so the ad slimes can sell ad space around it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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