sergio marchionne
Earlier today, Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne addressed alumni at Milan's Bocconi University. Within his speech was a likely dig at Daimler, which acquired a highly profitable Chrysler Corporation in 1998, only to jettison it nine years later, 2/3 of its original size and no longer able to stand on its own. Marchionne contrasted that with what he said was Fiat's approach:

The automotive sector has given us several examples of alliances that failed because there wasn’t the real desire to share know-how and experience -- because there was an environment of mistrust and inequality between the partners, each more concerned about defending proprietary technologies than building a common future.

If one presumes to dictate and the other is considered nothing more than a large store to be looted, the alliance won’t work.

Any attempt by one organization to dominate the culture of another just stifles creativity. It is a dangerous experiment that leads nowhere and benefits nobody.

That is why Fiat and Chrysler have to live and grow together as a family.