Entertainment news site justjared.com posted what appear to be Wolverine 3 spy shots. The movie is due next year.


The lead character is driving what looks like a heavily modified Chrysler 300, with a 1970s-style Chrysler script logo. The tail-lights appear to be a mix of the current 300C and Cadillac styling; and overall, the image appears to have been highly retouched though the car is not the subject (note the rear tire and the tail-light angles).

As for the car itself, a Chrysler brand spokesman told us that they had provided a number of 300s to the studio — and that how they were used in the film, including any modifications, was a question for the studio.

Thanks, Intrepidatious, who sent the images and just-jared.com link, and Martin Torres, who sent a link from blogdesuperheroes.es.