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I tried my oversized 215/70/15's rear tires on the front(28.5" diameter)they appeared about .75"-1" too big in height for the fronts.
Has anyone out there experienced a larger than 195/65/15 tire that fits?

My interesting adventure swapping tires from out from our 01 car onto the 05 was finding that although the hubcap(s)looks the same the lugnuts are not. Then I noted that the design of the 01 steel rims appear to have changed by the issuance of the 05 car.

I've been able to get the 01 steel rims to fit the 05 hubcaps and 05 lugnuts.
I have yet to fit the 05 steel rims onto the 01 car's hubcaps as I am waiting to purchase new rubber for the fronts.
Is there any one out there who has advice on what rims fit with the different years of cars?

I ask this as I want to obtain another set of rims and save my still usable 05 rims & rubber as a backup.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
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