Brian Williams snapped several photos of this Chrysler 300C around Auburn Hills. With manufacturer plates, the car appears to be a prototype of a classier kind of Challenger Hellcat — with four doors, drag/street radials, and fog lamps that don’t take up all the space in their holes (so there’s room for extra ventilation ducts).

300C Hellcat

The car has four-piston Brembo brakes with slotted rotors, like the base Hellcat Dodges (but not the Demon). Tires are P315/40R18 — the same tires and wheels that were used on earlier Dodge Challenger Demon mules.

The rear has no ornamentation at all, while the front grille has a single SRT logo. There is no Chrysler logo on this particular car.

Brian Williams wrote that the car would almost certainly be sold in export markets where the Chrysler 300C SRT still exists, such as the Middle East — where the prices don’t matter and the cars are powerful.

Another explanation, from Mike Volkmann, is that the car is simply wearing Demon-style wheels and tires so it can test the wear characteristics.  The car doesn’t have six-piston brakes, so it could well be a stock SRT Core car with Demon tires. Mike does not believe the Hellcat supercharger would fit under the 300C hood.