Although the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon has been on sale for more than a month, Dodge has just announced a new option for the quickest production road car in the world. In a statement to dealers, FCA wrote that the 2018 Demon is now available with the Demonic Red leather interior.

The stunning Demonic Red leather interior was not on the original option list for the 2018 Challenger Demon, but the demand from buyers has been so great that Dodge has decided to offer it for the 840 horsepower super muscle car. Demonic Red leather carries an upcharge of $295, and can be added to Demons in five exterior colors – White Knuckle, Pitch Black, Destroyer Grey, Billet Silver and Granite Crystal.

The order banks for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon officially close on September 21; but everyone who orders the drag-ready Mopar muscle car in those five colors before then can pick Demonic Red leather rather than black leather.

More importantly, if you have already ordered a 2018 Challenger Demon in one of those five colors and would like to add Demonic Red leather, you can do so, but only until August 9. The dealership will need to go into the computer system and modify the order, adding the bright red seats. FCA stresses that those adding Demonic Red leather should not attempt to do so by cancelling their order and placing a new one, as that will effectively push that customer’s order to the end of the current build list.

Dodge has asked dealerships who have sold any 2018 Challenger SRT Demons to reach out to the buyers to ask if they would like to add Demonic Red leather, so if you have put a down payment on the 840 horsepower muscle car, you might be getting a call from your salesman, but if you know that you want the red leather, you should call your dealership right away.

Really, for $295, the Demonic Red leather interior package seems like a no-brainer for the new Demon.