One of the most surprisingly fabled engines is the slant six , a mild-mannered inline six cylinder motor produced for around a quarter of a century. Not many mainstream, low-performance engines are as well known as the “leaning tower of power,” named “slant six” after its 30° tilt.

slant four

Apparently, when the 2.2 liter “Trans Four” engine was launched, one person at Chrysler wanted to associate it with the durability of the old slant six, as shown in this section of a press release photo.  The “slant four” name never caught on, partly because, while it was used in the press release photos, the name “Trans Four” ended up in brochures.

Another inline six, Chrysler’s first since the AMC/Jeep 4.0 went out of production, is due in the next few years. It seems highly unlikely it’ll be called a slant six — even the “TorqueFlite 8” name Ram tried using on its new eight-speed automatics didn’t really stick. But it would be an interesting if confusing call to heritage.   Chrysler Corp. press release photos via David Lantz.