Last week, Zdung Ho took his Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat to Houston Raceway Park with the hopes of improving on his best quarter mile time in the low 9s, and he did, but he didn’t run in the low-9s. With a quarter mile time of 8.90 and a speed of 156.52 miles per hour, Ho claimed the title of the world’s quickest Hellcat Charger driver while also being the first to run in the 8-second range, but it didn’t come easy.

Zdung Ho’s Hellcat Charger

Zdung Ho’s Dodge Charger has a Hellcat engine block and an 8HP90 automatic transmission, but they are far from stock. The 6.2-liter Hemi has been enlarged to 7.0 liters or 427 cubic inches with a block from TKM & Demon Performance, a Callies Performance crank, custom TKM spec’d diamond pistons and Wiseco Boost Line connecting rods. That larger Hemi is fitted with a custom blower camshaft from Demon Performance and topped with by custom Thitek cylinder heads and a 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger.

Other engine upgrades include a Killer Chiller intercooler cooler system, Injector Dynamics ID1700 fuel injectors, a Legmaker Hellcat Whipple intake, Stainless Works long tube headers, a ZAutomotive Tazer and a Fore triple pump fuel system. With Zdung’s own custom tune, this engine was making more than a thousand horsepower at the wheels during the record-setting run.

Next, the 8HP90 automatic transmission was built and beefed-up by Paramount Performance, a set of Dodge Demon springs were installed along with an array of BMR suspension bits (Upper Control Arm, Upper Trailing Arm, and Lower Trailing Arm, all with upgraded Delrin bushings where applicable).

Finally, a Driveshaft Shop 1,400hp half shafts, a Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft and a Per4Mance Development differential brace help make the most of that power, with help from a TCE 15" rear brake conversion to make room for the High Horse Performance / Bogart 15" beadlock wheels which are wrapped in Mickey Thompson 275 ET Street Pro Radials while a TCE 15" front brake conversion. RC Comp Hammers 15" wheels and Mickey Thompson ET front skinnies keep the car straight without adding a bunch of weight.

All said and done, Ho’s Charger weighed 4,220 pounds when it made the record setting run in the video below.

The Record Run

In the video below, Zdung Ho begins by cleaning off the tires before pulling into the beams. When the green lights drop, Ho doesn’t move at first, making sure that all of the engine parameters were right where he wants them before launching, but it proves to be worth it.

After a gorgeous launch, this Hellcat Charger pulled a 1.343 60-foot time and it got through the 8 th mile in 5.764 seconds with a speed of 126.61 miles per hour. That led to a quarter mile time of 8.906 and a speed of 156.52 miles per hour, which is the quickest quarter mile time ever by a Hellcat Charger and, of course, the first 8-second quarter mile by a Hellcat sedan.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this footage of history in the making, as we watch the first ever 8-second run by a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.