One of the most enticing trucks for Mopar fans attending the 2016 SEMA show was the Hellfire Ram 1500 from Dallas Speed Shop (DSS), shown here with director Mike White.

While the wicked matte black exterior with red cues and a menacing stance is enough to draw a crowd, the real star of the show isn’t evident until the hood opens – as the DSS Hellfire Ram is powered by the Hellcat Hemi.


Dallas Speed Shop started with a new Ram 1500 R/T regular cab,  short bed, and rear wheel drive.  DSS yanked out the 5.7L Hemi, replacing it with a supercharged 6.2L Hellcat Hemi — but not just any Hellcat.  This particular engine was fitted with a set of Kooks headers and a full exhaust system, which when tuned produced an awesome 775 horsepower.


Considering that this Ram 1500 likely weighs well under 5,000 pounds, the 775 horsepower Hellcat Hemi must make this one wicked fast pickup – while also making it the perfect tool for turning tires to smoke and little bits of stray rubber.


DSS wanted to make sure that the Hellfire Ram 1500 could handle a corner and slow down from the big speeds that come with all of that power, so they added new suspension bits and a high performance brake setup from Rotora. This includes huge carbon ceramic rotors all around, with 8-piston calipers up front and 4-piston calipers out back, all of which are tucked under Forgeline 22 inch wheels wrapped in Continental tires.  The setup allows the Hellfire to handle that power to the rear wheels, while also cornering a little better and having that great, low-slung stance.


Finally, Dallas Speed Shop wanted this Ram 1500 to look the part of a proper SEMA truck, so they added a carbon fiber front splitter and cannards on the front end, those wheel flares, and the matte black paint with a red driver’s stripe and red mirror caps. Inside, the Hellfire Ram has custom leather seats in black and red, tying together the black and red exterior design and creating what might be my favorite SEMA truck of all time.


I absolutely love the DSS Hellfire Ram 1500, as this is the ultimate Mopar performance truck. This is exactly what Mopar fans who loved the old Ram SRT10 want in a new high-performance truck, packing the power of the strongest American production engine of all time.