FCA Canada’s sales dropped by 3% from July 2016, its worst July since 2011.

Jeep set a monthly record of 9,842 — a 36% gain over last July. The Cherokee drove that number with an impressive 3,689 sales; the Grand Cherokee did well, too, with 1,888 (up by 69%). Compass sales more than tripled, to 1,039.


The shortfall may have been galling to Chrysler Canada leaders, given that GM Canada gained by 22% and Toyota gained by 4%.

Chrysler dropped by 9%, with the Pacifica underperforming last year’s Town & Country + Pacifica total and the 300 dropping by a stunning 82% (to 28 sales). Dodge plummeted by 25%, mainly due to a shortfall of Caravan sales — 900 sales (19%) down. The Dart, Charger, Challenger, Viper, and Durango also fell, from 15% (Challenger) to 97% (Dart), but the sales on these cars were fairly small to begin with — last July, the Durango was the top Dodge (other than Journey and Caravan), with sales of just 394. The  Journey also fell by 31%, or around 500 sales.

At Ram, the pickups and chassis cabs dropped by 13% (around a thousand sales); the ProMaster van tripled its July sales figure, though, rising to 456. Ram as a whole fell by 9%.

Alfa Romeo sold 82 cars in Canada, all but seven of them being Giulias; the Stelvio hasn’t launched yet. Fiat’s best seller was, surprisingly, the 924 Spider, with 69 sales. Fiat was down by 59% for the month.

FCA México reported an 11% sales gain over July 2016, with 8,459 cars and trucks sales. Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mitsubishi, and Ram all gained; Chrysler was the only loser, with just 84 sales.

Dodge and Ram both sell rebadged cars — the Dodge Attitude, Vision, and Neon are Fiats and Mitsubishis, while Ram resells the Fiat Strada and Mitsubishi L200 under its own names. At Dodge, the 3,037 sales included just 638 “real Dodges,” with the Attitude taking more than half the total.

Fiat soared by 78%, to 1,364, the best July in its history; over half of sales were the Fiat Mobi.  Jeep rose by 6%, to 943 (366 were Renegades, and 275 were Grand Cherokees). Mitsubishi racked up 1,195 sales, mainly L200 pickups (497) and Mirages (520). Finally, Ram had 1,795 sales, “propelled by ProMaster Rapid and 700.”