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John Rogers said:
Seriously, nobody at any point suggested "yeah, this is going to be stupid"?
If someone is going to pay you an obscene amount of money to create an abomination that won't really hurt anyone but them, why would you say anything other than, "yes sir!"?

I think that it's stupid, and that really no matter what one wants to do in doubling the width of a jeep that it's stupid, but it could have been less stupid if they'd done a better job. It looks like they parked two jeeps side by side, welded frame to frame, took the inner wheels off, connected the tie rod ends, possibly connected the rear axles, and then filled in the body. That little windshield filler piece looks especially bad. If they'd wanted to do it right, they should have done what "WideOne" used to do with those widened Dodge vans, which was to cut one van and slide the halves apart, then fill in the center, and change out the axles.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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