A miniature Jeep for Europe, sharing heavily with the next-generation Fiat Panda (as the Renegade shares with the 500X), may be coming, according to Mike Manley — as quoted by Automotive News Europe .  The Renegade, by far Jeep’s biggest seller in Europe, is around 4.3 meters long.

jeepster rendering

The under-four-meters SUV-or-CUV would be made in the Pomigliano (Italy) or Tychy (Poland) plant; both make vehicles on Fiat’s Mini platform. However, the Italian plant is more likely, since it can produce more complex cars than the Polish factory.

The current Panda Cross AWD is around 3.7 meters long, and sells for 4,000 euros less than the Renegade; the Jeep would likely cost more. There is little competition in that size range.

If the Jeep is to be at all credible, it would have to be more capable off-road than the Panda Cross, with high torsional body strength. Since the Panda is being updated with a new generation, this could be more feasible.

Whether the car will be approved should be clear during the June financial presentation.