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I am looking to get a used minivan and want the fold flat seats. This is the most important non-mechanical option. (So low miles is different. engine, type of drive)

What models and what years have this option automaticaly, since I can not search for it in etc. I can easily see what engine is in the vehicle but fold flat seats are not always easy to see in the features list.

In the Dodge Grand Caravan 2010 and newer.
SE/SXT etc or mainstreet crew etc

In the Chrysler Town and Country 2010 and newer.

I do not want the table and chair style seats. I want to be able to quickly fold all the seats away without having to take them out.


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Current generation there is a base option where the middle seat row does not fold in. That's standard on the most basic Grand Caravan, and maybe on the SE. SXT and above are stow-n-go middle and rear standard, though it might be possible to get a middle seat that doesn't fold in as a no-cost option.

The T&C, I think, also has a "comfort seat" or something like that as a middle row non-stow option.

It *looks* like the Stow-n-go options on the third-generation van are basically the same mechanisms and design as the newer van. My guess is that if you buy an older van with the option you'll be as happy with the functionality as you would be with a new van with it.

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Not necessarily "rare", but more likely "fleet". Which means they'll turn up on used-car lots more frequently than you might think.

If the dealer writing the ad is doing his job, the term "Stow and Go" (or some variant thereof) should be in the description. Otherwise, do like I do and look at the pictures.
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