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PCRMike said:
The historical trans trouble of the Honda give me pause. They are sealed, panless, and are supposed to be lubed for life. Junk to work on. Drive both and see what you think for yourself. This coming from the owner of a 280K mile T&C when I traded it in. Never even put a trans in it. In fact, aside from struts and brakes, never really had to repair anything at all.
Neighbor down the street has a 2000 Honda Oddity. A few years back he had to have the transmission replaced to the tune of $5,000. Van only had ~100K miles. So, yeah, Honda's are all that reliable, though you'd never hear a Honda owner admit to it. Still loves his Honda's...... Yet if it were a Chrysler, GM or Ford, he would have been saying "never again"....... Can't figure that type out.......

We had a '00 T&C Ltd AWD 3.8L for five years. Loved that van. Never had a transmission problem, but did have to replace the Nivomat shocks ($$$$) and the flexplate. Otherwise it was normal maintenance, though it did eat front brake pads.

Wife would love to get a new T&C, but we don't have the funds at the moment. I just don't see where the Honyota's are that significantly better.......
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