FCA will officially open a crucial new Mopar Parts Distribution Center (PDC) in metro Detroit today to get parts get to dealers and customers faster.

With about 500,000 square feet of floor space, the Romulus center is the 23rd Mopar PDC in North America, and the second to open in the U.S. this year (the other was in Winchester, Virginia). There are now 50 Mopar distribution centers worldwide, after four were added over the last five years.

The latest parts center is a global center, positioned close to Detroit’s largest airport, and it will mostly traffic in the 10,000 highest-volume products in the 500,000-strong Mopar catalogue (which represent 80% of sales). About one hundred employees will staff two shifts per day to handle 70 inbound and outbound semi trailers of parts every day, or about 45 million parts per year.

Pietro Gorlier, head of parts and service (Mopar) FCA, said the $10.4 million center is a "state of the art" distribution hub will help dealers address growing global parts sales and the larger number of parts on inventory.

Allpar will have numerous photos from within the facility later on.