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Model Year 2002 (USA) Prices

These are US list prices as of February 20, 2002. Buyers typically got packages and options, with some value packages free or at a large discount. Prices were valid in the US. Destination charges were mandatory and were higher in Hawaii and Alaska.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Mode of transport Automotive tire


PT Cruiser$16,275$565
PT Cruiser Touring$17,990$565
PT Cruiser Limited$20,340$565
Sebring Coupe LX$20,100$595
Sebring Coupe LXi$21,790$595
Sebring Sedan LX Plus$17,605$595
Sebring Sedan LX$17,780$595
Sebring Sedan LXi$20,355$595
Sebring LX Convertible$23,280$595
Sebring GTC Convertible$25,115$595
Sebring LXi Convertible$26,365$595
Sebring Limited Convertible$29,000$595
Concorde LX$22,510$625
Concorde LXi$25,240$625
Concorde Limited$28,135$625
300M Special$31,940$655
Voyager eC$16,355$640
Voyager LX $23,520$640
Town & Country eL$23,795$655
Town & Country LX$25,015$655
Town & Country eX$26,240$655
Town & Country LXi$29,310$655
Town & Country Limited$35,470$655
Town & Country LX (AWD)$31,115$655
Town & Country LXi (AWD)$33,180$655
Town & Country Limited (AWD)$37,795$655

Wrangler SE$15,230$585
Wrangler X$18,410$585
Wrangler Sport$20,180$585
Wrangler Sahara$23,550$585
Liberty Sport 2WD$16,660$585
Liberty Sport 4WD$18,170$585
Liberty Limited 2WD$21,470$585
Liberty Limited 4WD$22,980$585
Grand Cherokee Laredo 2WD$25,500$600
Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD$27,470$600
Grand Cherokee Sport 2WD$25,425$600
Grand Cherokee Sport 4WD$27,395$600
Grand Cherokee Limited 2WD$30,345$600
Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD$32,775$600
Grand Cherokee Overland 4WD$36,905$600

Neon SXT$13,505$490
Neon SE$14,090$490
Neon ES$14,620$490
Neon R/T$16,265$490
Neon ACR$14,380$490
Stratus Sedan SE$17,530$595
Stratus Sedan SXT$17,400$595
Stratus Sedan SE Plus$18,595$595
Stratus Sedan ES$20,790$595
Stratus Sedan R/T$21,400$595
Stratus Coupe SE$18,050$595
Stratus Coupe SXT$18,400$595
Stratus Coupe R/T$21,070$595
Intrepid SE$20,520$625
Intrepid ES$22,680$625
Intrepid SXT$23,370$625
Intrepid R/T$26,765$625
Viper Roadster$71,725$775
Viper Coupe$72,225$775
Dodge minivans

Caravan eC$16,355$640
Caravan SE$19,455$640
Caravan Sport $23,520$640
Grand Caravan SE$21,785$655
Grand Caravan eL$23,640$655
Grand Caravan Sport$24,410$655
Grand Caravan eX$26,135$655
Grand Caravan ES$29,615$655
Grand Caravan Sport (AWD)$29,960$655
Grand Caravan ES (AWD)$33,455$655
Dodge SUVs

Durango Sport 2WD$25,100$600
Durango SLT 2WD$29,320$600
Durango SLT Plus 2WD$31,930$600
Durango Sport 4WD$27,220$600
Durango SLT 4WD$31,440$600
Durango SLT Plus 4WD$34,050$600
Durango R/T 4WD$36,620$600
Dodge trucks and vans

Dakota Regular Cab
Dakota 112" 2WD$14,915$585
Dakota Sport 112" 2WD$15,960$585
Dakota SLT 112" 2WD$16,520$585
Dakota 112" 4WD$18,510$585
Dakota Sport 112" 4WD$19,735$585
Dakota SLT 112" 4WD$19,735$585
Dakota Club Cab
Dakota 131" 2WD$18,240$585
Dakota Sport 131" 2WD$18,255$585
Dakota SLT 131" 2WD$18,255$585
Dakota 131" 4WD$21,565$585
Dakota Sport 131" 4WD$21,590$585
Dakota SLT 131" 4WD$21,590$585
Dakota Quad Cab
Dakota Sport 2WD$20,530$585
Dakota SLT 2WD$20,530$585
Dakota Sport 4WD$23,295$585
Dakota SLT 4WD$23,295$585
Ram Regular Cab
Ram 1500 120" 2WD$17,155$715
Ram 1500 140" 2WD$17,440$715
Ram 1500 120" 4WD$21,415$715
Ram 1500 140" 4WD$21,755$715
Ram 2500 HD 135" 2WD$21,200$715
Ram 2500 HD 135" 4WD$24,405$715
Ram 3500 135" 2WD$23,085$715
Ram 3500 135" 4WD$26,110$715
Ram Chassis Cab
Ram 2500 135" 2WD$20,630$715
Ram 2500 135" 4WD$22,790$715
Ram 3500 139" 2WD$22,045$715
Ram 3500 139" 4WD$24,725$715
Ram 3500 163" 2WD$22,200$715
Ram 3500 163" 4WD$24,860$715
Ram Quad Cab
Ram 1500 140" 2WD$22,350$715
Ram 1500 160" 2WD$22,630$715
Ram 1500 140" 4WD$25,550$715
Ram 1500 160" 4WD$25,880$715
Ram 2500 HD 139" 2WD$23,165$715
Ram 2500 HD 139" 4WD$26,280$715
Ram 2500 HD 155" 2WD$23,355$715
Ram 2500 HD 155" 4WD$26,470$715
Ram 3500 155" 2WD$25,880$715
Ram 3500 155" 4WD$28,970$715
Dodge Ram Van/Wagon
1500 Cargo 109"$19,070$690
1500 Cargo 127"$19,115$690
1500 Cargo Maxi 127"$21,225$690
2500 Cargo 127"$20,615$690
2500 Cargo Maxi 127"$22,680$690
3500 Cargo 127"$22,300$690
3500 Cargo Maxi 127"$22,845$690
1500 Conversion 109"$19,065$690
1500 Conversion 127"$19,160$690
2500 Conversion 127"$21,135$690
3500 Conversion 127"$22,305$690
3500 Conversion Maxi 127"$23,205$690
1500 Wagon 127"$21,345$690
2500 Wagon 127"$23,360$690
3500 Wagon 127"$26,365$690

Destination charge in Hawaii for all models was $50 additional. Destination charge in Alaska for Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring Coupe was $15 additional.

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