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Monteverdi: Exotic / luxury car with Chrysler powertrains and bodies

by Mike Sealey and David Zatz

Peter Monteverdi was a Ferrari dealer in Geneva who became a car manufacturer himself, relying on Mopar power. He created Automobiles Monteverdi Ltd. in 1967, and by 1976, had 170 employees and production of 1,300 cars. Unfortunately, Peter Monteverdi himself was reportedly not the most friendly character, which may have depressed sales somewhat in the sensitive exotic-car arena.

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Most Monteverdis had something of a Ferrari/Maserati look, and powered by Chrysler's hottest V-8s, including the 426 Hemi (used in the first Monteverdi Hai, shown below) and the 440. There were four cars in the Hai series - two in the 1970s (one Hemi and one 440) and two relatively modern revivals.

The Monteverdi "High Speed" was a Ferrari-like four door sedan with 440 standard and 426 optional, your choice of 4-speed or Torqueflite 727. The Berlinetta had a 426 Hemi with a claimed, and possibly incorrect, 444 hp (converted from horsepower to PS and back).

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The late-1970s Monteverdi Sierra was based on the Plymouth Volare, and used much of that car's chassis and powertrain, with a completely different interior and sheet metal. The Monteverdi 375 was handmade in small numbers, with Mopar power (more to come).

According to former International Harverester engineer Bob Sheaves, the Monteverdi Sahara was a rebodied International Scout 2; it came standard with an International 345, but had a Chrysler 440 option, and used the Chrysler A-727 automatic. Around 1,000 were made, in Italy; these appeared to be prone to rust.

Other exotics using Mopar bits and pieces

  • Jensen Interceptor
  • Jensen FF (pioneering 4x4)
  • Facel Vega ("early Hemi" powered, with TorqueFlites)
  • The Consulier GTP was the fastest Chrysler 2.2 powered car ever made
  • The Maserati Quattroportte used a TorqueFlite behind their own V-8. (thanks, Bob Schmitt)
  • Lamborghini used a rear-mounted Chrysler V-8 in a concept military vehicle (the LM); the concept was destroyed in testing.
  • Zack reported that the 1974 Bricklin SV1 started out with the 220HP AMC 360 V8 engine. The sports car used many other AMC parts in its run.
  • The 1966 Duesenberg Model D prototype used an Imperial chassis and powertrain; production was close when the company apparently ran out of cash.

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