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Mike V. said:
This is not surprising and I was expecting the Ram.

The Mopar Dart missed the mark dramatically thanks to not having the 2.4 engine.

Everyone wants a different things. I don't think having the GT 2.4L version not made is totally to blame.
Some people might want a 2.0L turbo so it can run SCCA 2L class.
Some might want the 2.0L multijet II diesel or for the aero package a 1.6L multijet II diesel + mild hybrid. or 1.3L crd + hybrid.
A standard 2.4L 184hp 174lb-ft is a far cry of the SRT neon's 224HP 250LB-FT with the ability to bump the hp up to 280-300hp pro ralley race.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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